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This bundle has been specifically put together for people casting resin.


Each item in this bundle is absolutely top quality and will provide you with excellent protection. 


The UVEX Goggles give a much better seal around the face than safety glasses, meaning there is less of your skin on show so less surface area for vapours to affect you. The goggles are designed to fit with the SR 100 half-face mask in this bundle which makes them comfortable to wear together and reduces fogging on the goggles. 


Sundström's SR 100 half face mask comes with an A2 organic vapour filter to protect your lungs against the vapours given off when casting. The mask is silicone, making it much more comfortable to wear then the TPE equivalents, and it can also have the filters swapped out for particulate filters, or any other filter in the range Sundström offer to suit your needs. 


Finally, Ansell's 92-600 chemical resistance nitrile gloves will help protect you against spills and splashes when pouring and mixing the resin. The box contains 50 pairs of gloves.


A fantastic bundle with a great saving that will last you a good amount of time!

Resin Casting Bundle

VAT Included
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